What is Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management?

Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management (CATSM) is a pragmatic process that addresses the emergent psychological needs of individuals, groups and organizations experiencing traumatic stress associated with a wide spectrum of traumatic events (e.g., accidents, illness,criminal victimization, natural disasters, domestic violence, workplace violence, los, etc.) CATSM is an integrated, multi-component program for the provision of crisis and disaster mental health services. CATSM may be viewed as a series of "practical tools" that provide a framework for managers, supervisors, educators, administrators, emergency responders, clergy, medical and healthcare personnel, catastrophic response teams and other individuals who find themselves in a position to assist victims of crises. The uniqueness of CATSM is that it is a process-oriented approach that aims to reach people before, during and after a traumatic event.

CATSM offers practical intervention strategies for addressing the wide spectrum of traumatic experiences, from mild to the most severe, during traumatic events. It is delivered within the framework of a facilitative or helping attitudinal climate, and aims to decrease the likelihood acute traumatic stress reactions from becoming chronic stress disorders. CATSM is a goal-directed process aimed at "jump-starting" an individual's coping and problem-solving abilities. it seeks to stabilize acute symptoms of traumatic stress and stimulate healthy, adaptive functioning.

At it's core, CATSM strives to Prepare, Stabilize and Recover groups, individuals and organizations following exposure to traumatic stress exposure. In organizations, CATSM provides a framework to effectively manage traumatic events.