Critical Incident Stress Management Coaching

"There is no limit to the number of losses and crises that occur in life- some of them are inexplicable traumas that affect an entire family." Norman Wright

A crisis is any event of limited duration that is seriously disruptive, unpredicted and overwhelming for those who experience it. A crisis may be volatile in nature and, at times may threaten the survuval of the individual or groups involved. The sudden change in a familiar setting due to crisis is unwanted, frightening and often results in individuals feeling vulnerable and helpless. Ultimately, with successful intervention, stability can be restored and the individuals involved can view the environment as safe and secure.

* CISM Coaching: Convienient individual, confidential coaching for trauma recognition and resolution, job stress management strategies, personal and professional growth& development. Times are flexible and services are very affordable.

* Teleclass Training: Very cost-effective CISM group services and seminars offered over a tele-phone conferencing bridge. Great for small groups who share the needfor crisis intervention.

Prices range depending on the size of the group (5 to 10 people). Get your group together and give me a call. Let's discuss what you need!

All coaching services can be done from the comfort of your own home or workplace. No need for travel and associated expenses for either you or me! In person sessions are available for people in the greater Atlanta area.