Crisis Solutions

Critical incidents are inevitable in any type of business or industry. Traumatic stress refers to the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, psychological and spiritual experience of individuals who are exposed to, or witness, events that overwhelm their coping and problem solving abilities. These events, sometimes referred to as "critical incidents", are typically unexpected and uncontrollable. They compromise our sense of safety and security, and leave us feeling insecure and vulnerable. "Traumatic Stress" disables people, causes disease, precipitates mental disorders, leads to substance abuse, and destroys relationships and families. In organizations, traumatic stress leads to communication breakdowns, a decrease in morale and group cohesiveness, excessive absenteeism, an increase in health care costs, workers' compensation and disability claims, an inability to retain effective personnel and, ultimately, a marked decrease in productivity.

Creative Creations Consulting offers a range of services for Critical Incident Stress Management and Traumatic Stress Coaching. Consultations are done in person, by telephone and can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals, groups, small businesses, churches, corporations and public institutions.

Creative Creations Consulting was founded by Eugie T. Kirkpatrick, MSC, MLA, PhD, B.C.E.T.S. From a creative and unique perspective, the programs and services of Creative Creations Consulting are designed to provide crisis solutions, and to optimize human resources for individuals and groups. We work closely with you to customize programs designed for your unique situation. These programs can help you or your organization prepare for crisis through assessment, management, planning, training and implementation.

These services and programs may include:

  • Pre-Crisis Education Programs
  • Crisis Action Plan Consultation
  • Education and Training
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Coaching and Consulting
  • Crisis Intervention and Counseling
  • Workshops and Seminars on Stress Management Training
  • Speaking Engagements on Related Topics

Creative Creations Consulting provides external expertise to help you respond to crisis. Most important, we will help you recover, while reducing disruption, loss and traumatic impact.

When effective programs are in place, crisis becomes manageable. Using International Critical Incident Stress Foundation methodology when appropriate, one one counseling, debriefing,and post-incident follow through to speed recovery are utilized.

Most organizations wait for the unthinkable to happen before they prepare. Don't let this happen to you.